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Group Health Insurance
If you own or belong to a business or organization, chances are you qualify for a group health insurance plan. Group health insurance has lots of benefits. Besides providing medical care for yourself and your employees, a group health insurance plan helps spread the financial risk between all the members, which usually means lower premiums and more extensive coverage for everyone. Group health insurance has tax advantages, too. Employer contributions to a small business health insurance plan are generally 100% tax deductible, and employees save on payroll taxes.

Individual Major Medical Insurance
Whether you're looking for a comprehensive insurance plan, one that provides basic coverage, or something in between, we have a plan for you! You can choose from one of our 13 plans designed specifically for individuals. We offer varying deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments - the higher these amounts are, the less you pay in premiums.

Short-Term Major Medical Insurance
Provides coverage from a minimum of 30 days to maximum of 6 months - Works well for a variety of situations:
   •Students no longer eligible for coverage under a parents policy
   •Employed persons on an extended leave of absence
   •People who are between jobs
   •New employees waiting for group insurance coverage
   •People leaving a group policy who want temporary coverage

Medicare Supplement Insurance
Just about everyone agrees that Medicare is one of the most important programs available to senior citizens. But, Medicare does not pay for everything. And, for some people, what Medicare does not pay for can cause a severe strain on retirement finances. Medicare Supplement insurance is designed to cover the gaps in Medicare, helping to pay many of the expenses Medicare does not pay. When combined with Medicare, Medicare Supplement insurance provides a high level of health insurance protection. And at Starr-Mathews, we give you the flexibility to choose between different plans to meet your individual needs and budget.

• Questions & Answers •

Why do I need health insurance?
If you've ever been sick or injured, you've probably recognized the importance of Health insurance. Health insurance helps to ensure that you and your family are protected against the financial hardships that may result from health care expenses.
Why are health care costs rising?
It's been on the news and if you're like most Americans, on your mind. It's the high cost of health care in this country. In 2003, Americans spent an estimated $1.67 trillion on health care, more than 15% of the Gross Domestic Product. That's more than was spent on housing, food, national defense, or automobile costs. If spending continues at this pace, health care costs are expected to reach $3 trillion by 2012.
At what age should one start considering the purchase of a Long Term Care Insurance policy?
The most basic answer is the same as with any sort of insurance policy. It depends on how "risk averse" you are, as economists would say. Some gamblers never buy insurance for anything. Some conservative people insure everything. Long term care insurance is most popular among older people, especially the aging Baby Boomer generation. Elderly are the most likely to need it. However, the U.S. government estimates that 40% of the 13 million people receiving long term care are between 18 and 64. Part of the reason that number is so high is that it includes handicaps of all types. But an accident can happen to anyone. Also, note that the sooner you get long term care insurance, the less it will cost. The premiums generally don't increase as you age.

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